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Institutional characteristics

HSC1500SS/1700SS intelligent high-precision double spiral slitting machine is a new product with high precision, stable operation, energy saving and high efficiency developed by our company using German technology and combining years of experience in producing paper cutting machines. It is widely used in cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, cultural paper, double offset paper, high-gloss photo paper, gold and silver cardboard, aluminum foil paper, laser laser paper, tobacco and alcohol packaging paper, etc. The knife roller adopts double-rotation spiral knife roller design, with small cutting force, clean paper section, high efficiency and stable rotation; German precision bearings and cutting knives have high cutting precision; light-touch computer interface control, easy operation; reasonable design The bending device can effectively remove the curl of the paper roll, make the paper more flat, and be more conducive to the stability of the paper roll tension.

HSC1500SS/1700SS intelligent high-precision double spiral slitting machine is a high-efficiency, high-precision, high-stability
Qualitative paper processing equipment. The cut paper does not need trimming and can be directly loaded on the printing machine, which effectively improves economy and reduces production costs. It is also a paper product processing machine commonly used in the paper industry and printing industry.

1. Automatic paper receiving:
The high-performance automatic splicing machine is a double-head automatic splicing machine, adopting the original Taiwanese control system, long service life, high flexibility, and can use all domestic and foreign base papers with a weight of 80 to 400g/m2. Automatic splicing with broken paper Function, humanized operation design.

2. Automatic tool arrangement:
The APS-L series high-precision automatic positioning slitting system is the perfect crystallization of the latest technology, suitable for high-precision slitting occasions. This ready-to-install and use automatic positioning and cutting system, through the intelligent and precise manipulator, realizes the function of fast and automatic tool arrangement, which can greatly improve your production efficiency and product variety change ability According to different slitting requirements, APS-L can be used with Trane's electronic knife (EK), high-energy series automatic type (PA), manual type (PM), conjoined type (PU) and pressure cutting type (PC). The cutters make up different solutions for automatic arranging and cutting.

3. Non-stop delivery:
The non-stop delivery system is the company's latest product that combines international advanced design concepts and has independent intellectual property rights. It can quickly realize the non-stop delivery function. It consists of a short insert plate, a long insert plate, a friction reducing belt and various auxiliary accessories. After the paper on the paper take-up elevator is full, the short insert plate quickly extends to lift up one end of the paper that will subsequently enter the paper take-up elevator, and then the long insert plate extends to fully support the paper that has been lifted by the short insert plate. At this time, the long insert board serves as the delivery station, and workers or other automatic equipment clean up the paper on the delivery elevator. In this way, non-stop, continuous paper delivery is realized, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

4. Automatic card releasing board:
This equipment is an automatic lateral pallet pushing machine independently developed by our company. It uses a servo-driven electric push rod to push the pallet and a wide conveyor belt to assist in conveying the pallet from the side of the slitting machine to achieve The function of automatically changing the card board. The overall structure is compact and the workmanship is excellent. Because of its external layout characteristics, it has the advantages of simple and quick operation of adding a card board, safe and stable operation, and easy and simple maintenance.

5. Automatic delivery and packing:
The PCB control system has more stable performance, simple operation, sturdy appearance design, and durability. The machine is equipped with a slow start and slow stop. Each time the packaging is completed, the turntable will automatically return to zero, and the electric eye will automatically detect the height of the tray. The delay time can be set to reach the top of the packaging. The fault display board can easily and quickly find the fault location of the machine. , Solve the problem in time.

Main Technical Parameter:

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